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teachers. This statement provoked perhaps the most outrage among more than 300 people participating in the session, Professor … Marciniak also urged to seek wisdom and the wisdom of learning at all levels of school education. Also with the help of modern technological tools, but with the caveat that these are only tools and not the determinants of education modernization. Scenarios for school Polish very interesting argument presented prof. Szkudlarek Thomas of the University of Gdansk: “The school is what it is, because we are such.” Education deficits are not the deficits of the education system, but the entire cultural system in which we all operate. The culture system are some features that make school reproduces certain characteristics and attitudes. Sami produce barriers to innovation system. It was seen even when the discussion on the teaching of history. Do we depend more on national identity, or innovation? Professor Szkudlarek pointed out that the examination system is of course very important, but … is also evaluating schools, what we would prefer to avoid. Based on the results of the examinations we create visions of better schools, regions, students, etc. And it has to start thinking “the test” because everyone wants to fall into the better ones. It begins the process of segregation and creates a kind of cultural apartheid, the school continues to operate as an institution equalizing educational opportunities. Note, in fact, going back in the direction of feu Read more