Problem Gambling Awareness Month Highlights Plainridge Park Casino’s Safeguard Failures

Problem Gambling Awareness Month Highlights Plainridge Park Casino’s Safeguard Failures

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and also the marketing drive has brought to light Plainridge Casino’s failure to protect those susceptible to gaming addiction in Massachusetts.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month urges concerned families to ‘have the conversation’ with those that might be susceptible to becoming addicted to gambling.

‘Most adults gamble or know some body who gambles, and, consequently, could reap the benefits of programs to prevent gambling addiction,’ the nationwide Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) website states. ‘We believe many who suffer in silence do so they developed a problem, what gambling addiction is or where getting help. since they don’t know why’

The national conversation held each March has made its way to Massachusetts where one for the country’s gambling venues that are newest has unsuccessful in instituting an appropriate firewall to problem gamblers.

The Plainridge Park Casino, the first commercial gambling destination in the state following the passing of the Expanded Gaming Act, opened in June of 2015. Nevertheless, the slot parlor nevertheless hasn’t adopted a technique to curb gamblers that are dependent.

‘ What’s the job of a casino? To make as money that is much possible. Setting limits on gambling simply the priority that is highest,’ Lasell College Professor Paul DeBole told the Boston Globe this week.

The Law Is the Legislation

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Experian Study Says Online Gamblers’ Attention Span Is Four Minutes

Experian Study Says Online Gamblers’ Attention Span Is Four Minutes

A new Experian study says that of ten population sectors tested, on the web gamblers have the patience levels that are lowest for ID verification

There is a well-known penile enlargement TV spot that warns if those that take the drug experience its benefits for lots more than four hours, they should seek immediate medical help. Not so clear is exactly what kind of medical attention those who possess a round that is four-minute get. No, not that sort of round; we’re talking about individuals with attention spans so short that a mere 240 seconds is all it will take it comes to online verification systems for them to practically go postal when.

Experian Research on ID Verification Patience Levels

A global information services group best-known to most of us as one of the top three credit information bureaus when the company looked into how long the average online gambler would spend answering identity verification questions before they punched their computer screens in, even if just metaphorically speaking at least, that’s the findings of a study by experian.

You might state, ‘Big whoop! Is not that the case for everyone who has to confirm their identities online these days?’ But in reality, the Experian study says that Internet gamblers had the cheapest (i.e., shortest) patience threshold of ten business that is different they surveyed on this topic for their study. Even people booking airfare which we a Read more

Triads ‘Dominate’ Macau Junkets, Says Academic Paper

Triads ‘Dominate’ Macau Junkets, Says Academic Paper

Wan Kuok-koi, aka ‘Broken enamel,’ the notorious former leader of the 14K Triads, who’s thought to have experienced dealings with the junket industry.

Hong Kong’s triads have actually for ages been proven to enjoy ties with Macau’s VIP industry, even though precise extent of the influence on the junkets has been a point of debate.

Nevertheless, a new criminology study, whose scientists spent 3 years interviewing former triad members, police, Chinese officials and VIP room managers, has concluded that the influence of the criminal gangs is pervasive.

In fact, sociology Professor T. Wing Lo and research fellow Sharon Ingrid Kwok of Hong Kong’s City University, conclude the junket industry is inextricably intertwined with organized criminal activity to the extent that it is ‘dominated’ by the triads.

This might be a market that through the height of Macau’s economic boom years was in charge of some 60 percent regarding the enclave’s revenues, indicating that organized crime is really a cornerstone of this gambling hub’s economy.

According to a member associated with notorious 14K triads, interviewed for the analysis, VIP-room contractors that are most ‘are triads or businessmen with a triad history.’

Symbiotic Relationship

But it is, needless to say, a two-way road; the report states that Macau’s VIP rooms are ‘the main drivers of economic earnings for the triads.’

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