‘How Do I Turn My Summer Fling Into An Even More Permanent Thing?’

‘How Do I Turn My Summer Fling Into An Even More Permanent Thing?’

Your entire relationship questions responded — here, at this time.

Dear Lindsay,

We met a man come july 1st, and things have now been going fantastic. We have been casually dating when it comes to previous 8 weeks, and we spend a lot of time together, so I don’t think he’s dating anyone else while we haven’t talked about being exclusive. Even though he were, that’d be okay since we have never talked about this. But listed here is my problem, let me keep seeing him and be much more serious this autumn because i enjoy him and do not like to date someone else, particularly as it’s a great deal harder to head out on dates into the colder months vs. being in a relationship. I’m not sure as a summer fling, so I’m basically wondering — how do I let him know that I want to take our relationship to the next level whether he wants to continue dating or just sees me?

– Lara

As summer time attracts to a detailed these last couple weeks, we could already feel a small chill floating around. That is correct, winter — and cuffing season — is coming. (ICYMI, “cuffing season” is the full time of the year when it is too chilly to complete certainly not Netflix and chill.) If you’ve found a sizzling summer fling you need to develop into an even more permanent thing, now’s the full time to lay some groundwork down.

Luckily for us, you have technology in your corner. a study that is recent when you look at the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General unearthed that short- and long-term relationships look virtually exactly the same within the very early phases. So do not let anybody inform you that a summer time fling can not develop into the thing that is real it completely can — and here is just how to it.

1. Casually discuss the long run. Read more