Soccer Generates Record £1.4 billion Revenues for UK Bookies

Soccer Generates Record £1.4 billion Revenues for UK Bookies

Soccer Generates Record £1.4 billion Revenues for UK Bookies

Soccer yielded a record £1.4 billion ($1.8 billion) in revenues for UK bookmakers within the year that is full October 2015 to September 2016, according to figures released this week by great britain Gambling Commission.

Premier League soccer player Joey Barton was recently sanctioned by the FA for gambling violations but he says the UK’s soccer body that is governing to ‘look at unique dependence’ on revenue from gambling companies.

That led to all-time-high profits of £333.4 million ($432 million). The data comes while the sport and its regulating body in the UK, the FA, has been accused of having too cozy a monetary relationship with betting companies, who provide it with multiple millions in sponsorship deals.

Meanwhile, there have recently been several profile that is high of soccer players succumbing to gambling addiction and the BBC has stated that gambling among players is widespread.

Most recently, Burnley midfielder Joey Barton admitted to placing bets on 1,260 matches between 2006 and 2013, including at least five in which he was a player.

He had been fined and banned from the overall game for 18 months, and later fired by Burnley. Pro soccer players are prohibited from placing bets on their sport that is own of whether they’re directly associated with the games or not.

Elephant in the Locker Room

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Britain’s ‘Body in a Suitcase’ Gambler Packs His Bags for Prison

Britain’s ‘Body in a Suitcase’ Gambler Packs His Bags for Prison

Known in the UK’s tabloid media as the ‘body in a suitcase’ killer, gambler Ming Jiang had been sentenced to life imprisonment by A british judge on Tuesday. Jiang murdered his high-rolling buddy Yiang Lui last fall in order to assume their identification and steal his cash to further fund his very own gambling play.

Ex-Lufthansa flight attendant Ming Jiang, left, savagely dismembered and murdered his friend Yiang Lui, right, to fund his out-of-control gambling habits.

Jiang, 43, killed and dismembered fellow Chinese national and successful financial investor Lui, 36, last October, before stuffing their torso as a suitcase, which he then set burning.

Judge John Potter described the former Lufthansa air steward as ‘highly dangerous,’ informing Jiang as he handed down a minimum of 33 years before parole could even be considered that he would likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

‘You killed a gentle and kind son with … cunning for your own selfish aspire to feed your gambling practices,’ said Potter. ‘You befriended this guy and moved in the same social circles as him.

‘You were given unique status in some casinos, despite being banned from others for just what is reported as your erratic behavior,’ the judge added at Jiang’s sentencing. ‘ But you created a plan which was chilling and which was a murder committed by you for personal gain.’

$230,000 Gambling Spree

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